Commissioning Management

HDR | Andrew Reid specialises in bringing buildings to life by following a robust and thorough commissioning process which is recognised as best practise across the globe. Whether managing or validating the commissioning work, the core process is consistent and remains at all times transparent and auditable to clients.

Our Unique Approach

Our unique approach addresses each step of the process through a thorough analysis of the five strategic stages in commissioning modern buildings. Supported by risk identification, lessons to be learned, and a comprehensive certification process; it provides a complete assessment of the status of commissioning, progress forecasting and what specific work is planned in the short term.

Our approach is flexible and can be adapted to suit appointment at any stage of the commissioning process.

When is the right time to buy commissioning?

Buying Late or Very Late

Buying in the later stages of a project’s construction journey increases the risk of material commissioning issues. However, compliance and the process in getting there can be certified with a high degree of confidence.

  • Certifies compliance
  • If procured at step 6 it provides a high degree of confidence that systems have been adequately commissioned
  • Risks not validating the full process
  • Does not influence the process at procurement stage
  • Does not align with LEED and BREEAM obligations
Commissioning Wheel

Buying Early or Very Early

Buying early in the steps of a project undoubtedly provides the highest value; the ability to be able to influence the design has been recognised worldwide through LEED and BREEAM and making expectations clear is always a smart move.

  • Certifies compliance
  • Validates the entire process having seen it executed
  • Facilitates procurement of the optimal approach to commissioning
  • Plans the process, addressing strategic commissioning issues
  • Verfies that the design can be commissioned
  • Aligns with LEED and BREEAM obligations

How to Commission with Absolute Certainty

Our unique, collaborative approach has been successfully proven over very many years on some of the largest data centre and commercial projects in Europe. The short video below outlines our methods and why we do what we do.

Information on this Service is also available to be downloaded as a brochure: Commissioning Management

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